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Shipping from the UK to Denmark

Shipping to our nearest and dearest neighbour – Denmark, requires:

  • Rapid postage solutions
  • Cost efficient routes and means of transportation

This is where Parcelabc shines. We are motivated to help a sender find the best shipping solution for the parcel he or she might be trying to send. Whether it is determining the quickest route or the cheapest option, shipping from the UK to The USA is our specialty. By collaborating with a huge network of delivery and postage experts we can offer great shipping to Denmark prices.

Denmark has a few import regulations that you should be familiar with before sending something important. Along with the basic restrictions on drugs, live animals and regular UPU (Universal Postal Union) bans, here is a quick list of items that are either forbidden or regulated that you cannot import:

  • Weapons, ammunition – have to be sent with a special permit from a consulate or a government. Applicable only if you are sending a weapon for a shooting competition or an antique.
  • A permit may be required for: grapes, fresh or dried. Apples, fresh, products of fish, crustaceans, molluscs or other aquatic invertebrates and for most food products.
  • Live animals without a license
  • Counterfeits of legal tender notes, consolidated bank notes and fictitious stamps.
  • Fur skins and artificial fur; manufactures thereof
  • Seal pups' skin

Before you ship an important packet from the United Kingdom to Denmark, make sure that you are not sending anything that might be prohibited or worse, is on the shortened version visible here. If you are worried that your packet might consist something banned or restricted – contact our team, we will find it out for you! In addition you can contact the Danish embassy to get even more information.

Upon arrival, shipments are inspected by customs officers. As mentioned before delays are minimal and rare. With Parcelabc your packet is bound to be delivered in Denmark on time.

Parcelabc kindly asks you to avoid sending something with intent of hiding a commercial purpose, dangerous items or propaganda type prints or media. Denmark has a very open and tolerant democracy, but propaganda showing Nazi or terror encouraging symbols in a glorifying or positively portraying way could get you fined. Consult with our team before sending something that might cause inconveniences and discontent between the recipients and customs officers in Denmark.

Shipping from the UK to Denmark became cheap and quick thanks to Parcelabc. We believe and trust your choices. Parcelabc knows that only the client has the ability and skill to determine best ways to get deliveries in Denmark done well.

  1. Fill in the quote
  2. Select from the options
  3. Schedule a pick-up
  4. Wait for the delivery
  5. Enjoy!

Still not convinced that Parcelabc is the best option if you want your parcel to be delivered in Denmark safely and cheaply? Take a look at our priorities: With the qualities that we as a company aim for:

  • uncompromised quality
  • rapid responses
  • client-oriented service
  • fair prices

we simply cannot disappoint you in any way.